Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thumbs Up for Xomba

Once again Xomba takes first place in my opinion.  (neck and neck with Bukisa).  Submitting an article is easy and glitch free, same goes for uploading photos.  This week they made a change that quite frankly I'm indifferent about.  Bytes are now called Articles and Blurbs are now called Bookmarks.  The powers that be at Xomba say the new names sound more professional.
The new change that put Xomba in the forefront is that when you submit an article it will automatically get listed on your Google Adsense account.  It saves time and you can track the performance of each article.  That's fantastic!  The feature isn't implemented yet but I'll let you know.
Speaking of glitches, I encountered one when attempting to enter code for a banner.  I contacted Xomba through their feedback forum.  The glitch was fixed the same day and I received an email notification of the fix.
Thumbs up!!  If you would like to write to earn money, join Xomba now.

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