Thursday, March 18, 2010

eHow.....Stop Shoveling

A new eHow member posted a question for the staff.  The member wants to know what criteria eHow uses to determine how an article earns money.  This question has been asked many times but never answered.  This time Julie, eHow's Community Manager, replied with what you see below:

Your earnings are based on an algorithm that calculates a variety of factors:

1. quality of text
2. photos
3. topic - is it s hot topic or seasonal

This is a residual income module rather than a flat fee module.  If you give you articles some time, you will start seeing an increase.



Of course I can argue each of the 3 points.  But lets take a look at #2; Photos.  Are you joking Julie?  It's been 3 weeks since we have had our photos disappear from our articles.  What did eHow do with them?  If we take Julie's response seriously, then eHow owes us money for lost earnings......PHOTOS = EARNINGS. Will we be compensated?  My advice to eHow is:  When you feel the dirt falling on your head, stop shoveling!   

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