Monday, March 1, 2010

eHow Glitches....Live Long and Prosper

Okay, in addition to the numerous glitches on eHow we now have another really big one.  Many how-to articles have photos along with the instructions.  These photos usually are necessary in order to complete the project.  Well, these photos are disappearing at an alarming rate.  Leaving just text where a visual is needed.  The first complaint was posted on the forums on 2/25.  As of this writing there are over 100 complaints added to that thread.  The first response from eHow staff came on 3/1, not exactly a timely response for such an important issue.  To make matters worse, here is the response:

                 Hi everyone,

For those of you guys that are missing photos, do you mind posting the links to your articles and explain which photo(s) are missing?



eHow expects every member, that would be thousands, to go through their article library and copy and paste the link to each article that has missing photos into the forum.  Many members have hundreds of articles.  It's a ridiculous request.  Obviously, this response sparked a whole new complaint, and rightly so.  Even if every member devoted that much time to comply with this request, the earth would have to stand still for ten years to get this glitch fixed.  If it's a site wide problem, it should be a site wide fix.
I'll close with this thought; if any of you reading this has the slightest amount of computer knowledge, go to eHow headquarters and apply for a job.  They need help!  But please get there BEFORE Fred Flintstone.

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