Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ehow's "Generous Estimate" Compensation

Well I told you this would open a new can of worms.  Didn't I? 
First let me explain eHow's payment structure.  Oh wait, I can't because they don't tell their writers what it is.  They just say several factors go into the algorithm.  This is nothing new, we've always known that they refuse to tell us.  Funny, the other sites that I write for tell their writers exactly what the payment structure is.  Well the 'generous estimation' payments have arrived for the 6 months that our articles were on the UK site.  I have 21 articles and received nothing, that's right..... $0.00.  Generous would have been something like; 'okay here's 25 cents'.  But no!  I don't feel too badly, after all I only have 21 articles and they're all fairly new.  But let me show you some other writers compensation:
  • $1.47 - 48 articles
  • $9.19 - 43 articles
  • $8.13 - 119 articles
  • $.80  - 107 articles (that's right, 80 cents)
  • $8.00 - 300 articles                                                                         
The chatter is how unfair this is, and I agree.  Some writer's have already refused to accept payment by returning it through Paypal.  I wonder what's coming next.  I will keep you informed.   

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