Sunday, December 20, 2009

Plagiarists At Large

I have to confess that I didn't read the SEO book today.  I spent way too many hours at the computer.  Two of my eHow articles were plagiarized! Two separate websites stole them.  One of the articles has a video attached and they posted it on their site as if it belongs to them.  It doesn't!!  I own the copyright.  The other article is all text so it appears that this other website did a copy/paste job and posted it as if they own it.  They don't!!  Once again I own the copyright.  This is plagiarism.  So I spent a lot of time today learning about Cease and Desist letters and how to report copyright infringement to Google.  Google takes plagiarism VERY seriously.
I'll get to the SEO book tomorrow.  I'll also keep you informed of my copyright infringement report to Google.  As you can see, I've added links in this post to my articles on eHow.  The video is how to make a gift bag in 5 minutes, and the other article is how to select a rare book conservator.

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