Saturday, August 21, 2010


I signed up at RedGage finally and I should have done it much sooner.  RedGage is a combination of writing site and social networking.  You can upload videos and photos or write an article.  Transferring videos from YouTube is a snap and you can create links to just about anything on the internet.
The good part is that you get paid for all this by unique views to your content.  You don't need a Google AdSense account or a PayPal account.  RedGage issues a debit card and your earnings are put on the card.  How easy is that?  
They have a contest where you earn 'raffle tickets' that get put into a drawing to win $25.00.  That's done every 24 hours.  Earn points by submitting Knowledge Based content, inviting friends to join RedGage and by mentioning RedGage on another website.
I'm still navigating the site trying to learn the ropes.  Thumbs up to RedGage.
You can sign up too, just click RedGage.

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