Sunday, January 17, 2010

eHow........An Endangered Species?

I've stopped writing articles for eHow except for a recipe that I wrote a few weeks ago.  Many of the more seasoned writers have removed their articles from eHow and transferred them to Bukisa or Xomba and/or other sites that pay for content.
The ongoing technical problems at eHow are too numerous to mention.  But the BIG problem, and the reason that so many people are leaving the site, is the new eHow in the United Kingdom.  eHow management, in their infinite wisdom, decided to start a sister website in the UK. (rather than fixing the problems that they're having with the site in the US).  Since they needed articles to get the site going, they used all, or at least most, of OUR articles.  That would be fine if we were getting paid for our articles on the UK site, but we are not.  Our articles are showing up on Google searches as  So if someone wants to search.....How to Boil Water, the top search on Google will be the UK site instead of the US site.  That person will read the article and learn how to boil water and the author of the article doesn't make any money.  Our earnings at eHow have plummeted as a result of this debacle.
Everyday there are complaints from eHow members.  Some have contacted eHow's legal department, some have consulted an attorney of their own.  eHow hasn't actually admitted that they've done anything wrong but they did assure us that our articles will be removed from the UK site.  I don't think that it's just some computer tech making that statement (he's just the messenger), my guess is eHow's legal department issued that assurance.  We were told that it will take a few weeks to take the articles off the UK site, that means a few more weeks of plummeting earnings to look forward to.

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